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Protect field with a password


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I want to create a database that will allow a user to input data into every field accept two. Is there a way to protect just those fields with a log in and a password box? If so, how? We are currently using FMP 5 but can upgrade to newer version if needed. We have just started using the product and I am sure just touching the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for the help in advance.


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Yes. Read up on FMP's Access Privileges feature.

Security, especially accounts and passwords, was greatly improved in FMP 7. If you can, get the new version.

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Yes, you can do this pre-7. But the interface is a bit cryptic. It's the (dreaded) Overview dialog, which is a fixed-size dialog with every Group, Password, and read/write/access privileges for all the fields (as white, gray or black dots). It works OK, but, it takes a while to get the hang of it.

And, unless you can recognize the fields by the letters you can see (which is enough usually, but not for long similarly-named fields), you're in trouble (rename the fields). On the upside, you can also see which layout every field is on; which you can't see in version 7.

Tip: the master password is in every group (which you can see in Status(CurrentGroups), so it's automatically black (selected) in every group; you can kind of ignore it. Save your settings when you leave.

In 7 the interface is much better, windows resizable, so much more intuitive that you'll probably figure it out by yourself. Especially if you've had any web experience (where they also tend to have an Account Name and a Password).

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This topic is 6624 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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