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Copy Results in Report

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Hi, thanks to lots of help from this forum and others, i managed to build my database and get the logic the way i wanted it.. Many THANKS !!!

Now i need a little help writing a script as i am not very familiar with all possibilities of filemaker.

Here it is:

In one of my layout(Project Detail LAB REPORT), results are entered in a portal (storing them in layout "Result")

Now i have a button on the layouts that trigger a script to build a report of all the tests conducted with the results (10 different fields each rows) smile.gif What i want is to have the scripts filling in these fields automatically wink.gif

Thanks for any suggestions on how to do that, so far i've tried to write something like GoToLayout, GoToPortalRow, GoToField, SetField, GoToNextRow, etc... but it comes with a pop-up dialog box saying that the action could not be performed because it is not in a related table confused.gif

I put my db in attachement if you want to have a look tongue.gif



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The problem is the layout you are on is based on the TO "Project Detail LAB REPORT" -- but the script is trying to set data into a relationship from the context of "Project Detail." Even though the underlying table is the same, the wrong TO makes the script step fail. Change your Set Field commands to [Test Detail LAB REPORT::Results1] etc.

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Thanks for your tips, but still can't get it to work, i'll have to play around a bit more today...

dkemme: i'm not quite sure i understand what you mean but maybe i'll explain how i came to this problem...

i decided to create a report because it was a good format for my application and i based it on the TestDetail layout because that's where all the information about tests are stored... and once i finished the design of it, i realised that i wasn't getting my results filled in automatically frown.gif Hence this post;)

I'll try to create a report based on the Result Layout, maybe that's what you suggest, please let me know if you think about anything else, thanks.

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This topic is 6619 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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