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I want to make a layout that will allow for a drill-down from a menu of choices. All levels and all fields can be browsed but (maybe) not selectable unless one of the preceding levels has been chosen. For example the top of the tree might be a field (or text box) labelled World and the next level five different countries listed by name and each in a separate field. Then a choice of State fields. When a State is chosen (Pop-up, radio button) the next level is selectable, and it might be capital cities entered by field. Say twenty of those, then the next level is Towns, maybe fifty of them (and so on).

It would be nice if the selection of one choice (pop up or whatever) could allow for the selection of the next level (Such that a selection of UK would show a number of cities in that country and one of those (or two or three) could then be selected), and prevent selection of a field not in sequence (for eg going from NZ to London would not be a choice).

Is there a script or button code that would allow for this type of layout? Any help would be appreciated...

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I can see two possible ways to do this:

1. Have a portal or conditional value list for each level. As you make selections, the values in the next portal or value list are restricted to the category that was chosen.

2. Use one multi-level portal for everything. This might look something like a Windows Explorere file hierarchy, where the top level is initially visible, and the user hits a twiddle to see the contents of each sub-level.

The first option is pretty easy. The second is pretty complex. If you let us know what you have in mind, we'll point you in the right direction,

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This topic is 6611 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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