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Text area spanning two pages - repeated text


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I am working on a layout that has a text box (edit box) that starts at the bottom of the first page and continues to the second page because it holds a large amount of text.

Whenever I print from this layout, the first page prints fine, but at the top of the second page, the first 10 or so lines are the last lines on the first page. Some of the text is being printed out on the first and second pages.

I have "Allow part to break across page boundaries" enabled.

Does anyone know a solution to prevent the duplication of text on the two printed pages?

I have thought of just using a merge field since this is a print-only layout, but I need a border around it and the text tool does not let you place a border around it. And I can not just draw a box around it because I need the text to slide up to fit one page when the text area is small enought not to need the second page...

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Use a different print layout and use <merge fields> wherever possible - they are designed to print and will handle the page breaks much better. Stretch the text blocks containing the merge fields to the longest size that will accommodate the data being printed.

Also, to control page breaks better, set fixed page margins for any layout that will be printed. I use .5 for all my printed layouts to ensure that they print on virtually any printer.

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I think I have found the issue, it is nothing to do with the text area or merge field.

I have to display in from two different related tables, so have two portals set up above the merge field. I have tried removing pieces one at a time and found that when the two portals are removed the lower merge field prints fine across two pages...BUT I need the two portals because the report ties in data from the current table, and two related tables.

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Portals don't print well - they were not designed to be printed.

I can think of a couple of ways to deal with this.

One way would be to create the print layout in the related file and print from there. You can use the same relationship to display the data from the main file. Since you have 2 related tables, this might not work.

Another method would be to create a script to loop through the related records and place the relevent data into a global field in the main file, and then display the global field in a merge field in your text block. Then use the same method to place the data from the other related table.

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This topic is 6613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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