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"Publishing Enging is not Responding"?


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I've just installed and uninstalled server 7 and then server 7 advanced and reinstalled 3 times and everything seems okay until I try to configure the web publishing engine and I get the message that the engine is not responding. (This is the part where I login through localhost/fmi/config and get the admin console) Up to this point, everything seems perfectly fine and since the Server 7 and the WPE are set to start with Windows, I cannot figure out for the life of me what's going on. I'm using a one server set up where a small number of users (~25) will access a DB through the WWW and 2 users through the FMP 7 client so I need it served up through advanced. Anybody out there have any ideas that might help?


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It is hard to tell what could be causing your problem, so I am listing a few things to check in your installation.

If you are running Windows 2000, make sure you have installed SP4

Download and install the latest patches for FM Server 7

When looking at the services running, can you see

Filemaker Publishing Engine (CWPE&CONFIG) and (WPC) running?

If you don't see these services, then the publishing engine did not install. Make sure that IIS is running when you perform the Server 7 Advanced install.

If these services are running, is IIS running? Including the World Wide Web Publishing Service? These services must be running.

Open Internet Information Services Manager, go to the default web site. Right click and go to properties, select the Directory Security tab, edit Anonymous Access and Authentication control, uncheck all in Authenticated access. Also make sure that the default web site is running.

Have you registered the publishing engine with FM Server with a identifier and passcode? The instructions are in the English ExtrasElectronic Documentation folder of your Server 7 installation.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the suggestions, Steve. I'll give it a try tomorrow afternoon and keep my fingers crossed (I'm a front end designer, so working with servers is new to me; I've always had others around to help!)

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This topic is 6609 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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