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Anyone out there knows smbxml?


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I am using Netsuite CRM software and I'm compelled to convert Filemaker files to smbxml (an xml version of Oracle's Netsuite program). Problem is when I export xml using FM7, the DTD of Netsuite cannot seem to validate the xml export. I'm using xml spy to validate the exported FM file but it does not even contain the right data structure (i.e. headers and body) of a correct xml acceptable for smbxml import to Netsuite. Any clues as to what could be wrong?


Rick- an xml Newbie

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XML means "extensible markup language." Extensible means you can create your own tags and validation. I imagine Oracle has quite a slew of them.

FileMaker has its own also, but they're fairly simple. Look at the xml you get by default out of FileMaker. Lots of stuff at the top. So you have to use an XSL stylesheet in-between, to transform the default FileMaker output to what Oracle xml should look like. And you have to build the stylesheet, unless you can find one.

The entire "header" part which Oracle requires can probably be just pasted near the top of the XSL, just under the 1st template tag. It will then be transferred to the resulting xml file. The FileMaker headers will not, unless you specify them.

If it's not too complicated we might be able to help. I don't know though. Oracle may have a complex format. I didn't see anything at the FileMaker XSLT Library for Oracle.

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This topic is 6605 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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