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Opening Help using Open URL


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I'm re-posting this as I have put together a little test (please see attached).

I tried to append a query string or bookmark to a url and use Open URL to view it (for instance, file:///c:testtest.htm?query=no). I have tried every combination possible and still no joy.

Could anyone be so kind as to run the test for me on Windows 2000 or XP or Mac OS X.

The test files are test.fp7 and test.htm.

You click on the big button in the (only) layout in the test.fp7 file. It should instantiate two copies of your internet browser and two message-boxes. The first message-box should be totally blank, and the second should display the word "test". If you see that word, then my system is screwy.


Roger. blush.gif


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I saw your "solution" but there is much easier way to link html page to FM, plus trick how to avoid "pathing" ////////.... smile.gif

Follow this:

Step 1

Make one folder adn name it as you wish, put inside your html files.

Make another folder, name it as you wish and put inside your FM file.

Step 2

Open your FM file and make new script in ScriptMaker, choos Send Event in Miscellaneous sub menu. In Send Event choose File and specify your index.html or other html file which you want to open.

... and that is it! Try it, it is working!

But, if you like to Publish your FM file in Developer, after step 1 and 2, publish your file in folder which must be in same folder as your htmls folder, BUT, when you finish publishing, put the folder with your FM file outside, and rename folder with published FM app with FM file folder name.

On that way, FM will have automatically correct path. smile.gif


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This topic is 6551 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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