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Daily Timeshhet

Gingerbread Man

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I am trying to create a daily timesheet to help tract time and costs. I thought I could use the weekly time billing template that comes with the programme and adapt it but have hit calculation problems. I then tried to create from scatch but can't make the portal relationship work.

I want the timesheet to work as file attached (Time Sheet Lorna.fp5).

The related file (Time Sheet Lorna Items.fp5) that my emloyee sees just has the basic information that appears in the portal.

I also need to link in the related file (Time Sheet Lorna Billing.fp5) which only I see which has fields that allow me to search by job number and work out time to bill on each job.

I nearly got it working but because of the calculation scripts on the template being a 'Weekly Time Sheet' when I start a new day it brings up the previous day or days info too. I'm OK on single databases but when it comes to related records and portals it all goes a bit over my head. can anyone give me a simple potal or relationship that does what I need. Then I can probably do the rest.

Thanks G

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This topic is 6602 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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