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Totals and Finds

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It depends where you locate the summary field on your layout. If you create a subsummary part sorted by Food, and put a copy of the SUM_ALL field there, and then add a grand summary part and put another copy of the SUM_ALL field there, then you can display all records, sort by Food, and the subtotal will appear in the subsummary part for each food, and a grand total will appear in the grand summary part. Check out the manual regarding layout parts (chapter 6).

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I'm sure this is a silly question, but I'm majorly stuck. Say I have these fields:

Rec_ID (number, auto-serial)

Date (Date, creation date)

Food (Text)

Quantity (Number)

Month (Calculation, Month(Date))

Year (Calculation, Year(Date))


For simplicity’s sake, say the database is populated as so:

1, 9/01/2001, Apple, 10

2 , 9/01/2001, Apple, 10

3 , 9/01/2001, Apple, 10

4 , 9/30/2001, Orange, 10

If I do a FIND, searching for Apples, SUM_ALL returns 30 which is correct. What do I do if I want the search for only Apples, but want to see the whole year’s Quantity of all Foods(40 in this case)? I'm sure I'll need another field (Total_Quantity), but I don't even know where to start. Since SUM_ALL isn't a stored value, is there a way to store the Total_Quantity value? Thanks in advance

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