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OK, Yet another strange problem!!


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It seems I keep coming up with weird ones. Well, here's another!

I recently got this message from a potential client when she tried to install my application on her PC:

> Ok I've downloaded your software twice and have tried to install it. All

> goes along well with the install until the process gets to a module

> display.fmx I believe. My pc then locks up and I have to reboot to get

> out of it. I've tried this more than once -

The problem appears to be the Display.fmx file in the systems folder.

She says she is running XP SP2. Anyone had any experience/problem with SP2?

I use Setup Factory to do the install. Always seems to work great. Never had a problem, but this may be my first SP2 install. I am sending her a CD with the runtime folder and going to have her try just copying the folder to her PC (instead of using the Install) and see if she still gets that error on display.fmx.

If anyone is aware of a problem with XP SP2, please let me know, and is there a "fix"?


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Check all of the relationships to and from the file that is causing the problem. I assume you have already tried to recover the file? If the file isn't extremely complex, and as a last resort, try rebulding it. The fact that it doesn't lock up on your machine is clearly not proof that the file is in fact corrupted.


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I would almost guarantee that your client has a corrupt printer driver that is causing your app to crash. FileMaker uses the printer driver to set the screen.

If your client has a different printer available to her, have her change printers in the system first, then open your app. If it opens OK, then the printer driver is definitely corrupt and needs to be reinstalled.

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This topic is 6606 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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