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MAC POS equipment- any recommendations?


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I made a similar post elsewhere in this forum as a question to a specific user, but I'd like to open it up to the forum.

I'm looking for OSX compatible POS equipment. Cash Drawer, Receipt printer, Barcode scanner, Pole display, and Card Reader.

Does anyone have a model of any of these types of equipment to recommend for OSX?

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I've got a bookmark folder called "Mac POS Systems". Here are its contents:









The last two - Troi and AcmeTech - are there for the plugins. Troi makes a serial plugin which is needed to communicate with a cash drawer. Acme has a credit card authorisation plugin.

There are tons of barcode scanners out there. I favor the ones made by HHP - the 3800 is a fantastically sturdy unit, for example - but it will all depend on what exactly you want.

Good luck.


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With our POS mac software we use just about any USB peripheral out there as we write our own drivers. These are popular models that our customers use:

POS Printer: Epson TMT-88iii, TMU-220D, Star printers

Barcode reader: Metrologic MS9520, all Symbol models

Cash drawer: MMF cash drawers, any cash drawer that is Epson or Star compatible

Pole Display: Logic Controls PD 3000

Barcode printer: Zebra 2824, Zebra 2844

XpertMart Mac OS X POS & Inventory Control Software


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This topic is 6465 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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