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Sliding/Printing/Reduce Size of Part


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Maybe it's supposed to be this way, but I had hoped this would be fixed by v7. Sliding/Reducing size of part does not seem to work properly in certain parts.

I have a report that needs to include items from a couple different tables. As an example, imagine a Company table connected to both a Contacts table and an Orders table; I need to get a list of companies and, within each company, a list of contacts AND a list of orders all on the SAME REPORT. The only way currently to do this is with portals -- base the layout on Contacts (which go into the body part) and put Orders into a portal in a subsummary by Company or a grand summary or header (or visa vera).

Anyway, that's kind of what I need to do. Using a portal in my situation would work if I could make it correctly close-up whitespace in either a title-header, subsmmary or leading grand summary.I already tried scripting the portal contents into a big text field. the field closes around the text, but the part does not reduce in size, I assume because it's in a part that doesn't like reducing.

Anyone know of a work-around/trick for this?



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This topic is 6596 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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