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Creating seperate auto-serial numbers for two values

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I have a question for anyone out there that can help me. I created an auto-serial number in an edit box that would create a record number for a set of five values. Now, I would like to have one value have a certain set of numbers (say 1 - 100), while having the other four drop down values have an auto serial number value of say, 101 - 1000.

I tried doing a calculation with an if statement and a case statement. The problem that occurs with either of these methods is that the four combined values I'm trying to create each have their own individual set of values. For example, value 'B' would start at 101, then if I would add a new record, say value 'C', it would, also, start at 101. This would occur for the other two values, as well. Basically, I'm trumped as how to combine values 'B' through 'E', so that they will be combined instead of individualized for the new record number 101 - 1000.

What would be the best approach for this auto serial number situation? A script, or...?

Thanks for any help any of you could offer me,



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This topic is 6682 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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