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Exporting Related Data (FM5/6)

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I have a series of related databases and want to export data from multiple related files simultaneously. I can do an export from one database and select fields from multiple related databases (by selecting a relationship in the left pane of the export dialog and moving the fields to the right pane), but the export for the fields in the related databases contains no data. I thought FileMaker was able to export related data as well as data in the current database. Anybody have any idea for what I should do?

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome Richard,

In most relational databases, you have a number of one-to-many relationships linking the files together. When you do an export from a file on the "one" side of such a relationship, you will only get the records from the current file and the first related record from any related files.

If it's important to capture multiple related records in the export, then run the export from the file on the "many" side of the relationship, and include related parent fields in the export order.

If you have more than one related file you are trying to include, you would have to do multiple imports into a large flat file then export that. It is usually not desirable to flatten a relational database in this way as you end up with some really ugly duplication of data.

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This topic is 6677 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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