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AutoNavigator Holiday Price Reduction

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Salt Lake City, UT--DECEMBER 5, 2005--David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop -- publishers of AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro--Today announced a short term price reduction from $150 to $99 for AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro.

Build a 50 layout system with multiple levels in under an hour! How long did it take you to build a tab, navigation and user preferences system for your last project? Two days? Three? A week? How would you like to reduce that time to minutes? AutoNavigator builds a complete tab, navigation and preferences system on the fly, contains pre-built tab sets (you can substitute your own tab graphics) and allows you to build a tab system up to five levels deep with up to ten tabs per level. To add a tabbed layout to your solution, just duplicate an existing layout, rename it and run one script.. AutoNavigator does the rest. It shows the new tab on all relevant layouts, and adds the layout to your navigation and preferences systems. You're ready to go.

Don't be confused by FMP's new "tab object". It doesn't navigate between layouts and doesn't remember where your users were last. For a true tab navigation system, AutoNavigator has no competition. It's fast, it's easy and it's reliable. Cut your development time by days and never slave over building a tab and navigation system again.

To take advantage of this short term price reduction, visit our web site ( http://www.codemastersworkshop.com/downloads.html ) for a demo and purchasing information. The $99 price is valid through December 14, 2005. All payments post-marked on or before December 14, 2005 will be honored. Sorry, but due to the fact that AutoNavigator is provided completely open and unrestricted, we do not accept credit card payments.


David Kachel / Codemasters Workshop is the publisher of

AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro. He has more than 14 years

experience in designing and building custom solutions in FileMaker Pro.


© Copyright David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop. FileMaker Pro is a

trademark of FileMaker Inc. All rights reserved.

David Kachel

Codemasters Workshop

email: [email protected]

web site: http://www.codemastersworkshop.com

ICQ: 308137637

Tel: (801) 566-1340, (801) 661-2454

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This topic is 5767 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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