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Reports not portals


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I hope this will be the right section as Reports, Printing and Publication does not seem to have a portion devoted to Reports.

I have a template completed with four layouts in one file in FM6; the four layouts comprising Tasks, Materials, Delivery and Buyouts.

Each record is for either Tasks alone or with Materials; Delivery or Buyouts and are all identified by Job_Number.

In another file with four tabbed layouts there are portals for showing all the related data by Job_Number – all is well.

Even though I have learned so much in the past year or so, I have no facility whatsoever in creating Reports and Reports are needed here for printing since at least much of the data is several pages long….

Basically all I need to get started is to understand what it should be structured like so that a report can be generated where there would be four sections, one for each layout, where a few critical fields from all the records with a particular Job_Number would be displayed along with running totals. And a final total for the totals of each section.

So far, when I try this with a Sub-summary when sorted by Job_Number for any of the fields in any of the layouts all I get is one record and so on.

Can anyone provide an example or shine a little light that I may learn how Reports work in these instances?

Thank you once again:)

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Wow, I see that there are no replies to my question -- is that I am making some glaringly obvious omission that does not require a respeonse, or is it too complex or is there not enough information?

I sincerely would like learn how to do this and would greatly appreciate some insight.

Thanks in advance.

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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