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two Enter keys - not the same results

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Good Afternoon, I'm working on my first bar code solution in FMP. My reader terminates with the Carraige Return/Enter key.

This will perform a find if I am scanning the search criteria, however aside from the finds, I'm hoping to use barcodes for data entry purposes in browse mode (tracking production progress in a manufacturing environment).

If I'm in a script that is in browse mode and pausing (using the pause/resume script step) at a field for scanning (and moving on) the Carraige Return/Enter key does not resume the script, it merely starts a new line in that same field.

I've noticed it's the Enter key by the keypad that will move the script along in the same situation.

Can anybody shed some light on this subject? I'd really like to re-program my termination keystroke to be the enter key by the keypad, but my scanner's manual does not list that as an option.

Worst case scenario, our employees can press enter after scanning, but it seems unnecessary. Thanks, Curt

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Yep one is the Enter key, the other is called Return (as in Carriage return).

Not sure if this would work, but what if you scanned into a number field instead of text? The first steps after the pause would then take the content of the number field and put it in a text field.

(number fields don't allow CR/LFs).

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Along with the other suggestions, I've used a custom dialog with an input field, in a script. Either "Enter" key will close it.

Or, if you want to just enter directly in fields, use an auto-enter calculation with Substitute ( the field; ¶; ""), with the "Do not replace existing value", to remove the carriage return afterwards.

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This topic is 5742 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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