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valueListItem syntax

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ValueListItems returns a list of values. If you want to check that a field is equal to one of the values then you need to check that it is in the lis. For example

PatternCount(Afield;ValueListItems("student";"school location")) > 0

should normally work, but, if there is a possibility of Afield being actually within one of the values then you may have to add in some extra carriage returns to ensure that you are checking for a complete value:

PatternCount("¶" & Afield & "¶";"¶" & ValueListItems("student";"school location") & "¶")> 0

There may be simpler ways of doing this, if so it would be nice to see them.

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There could be some syntactical things wrong, I do always make the first parameter in the function a Get ( FileName ) instead of hardwirering.

Next thing that comes to mind is if the field the valuelist is basede on can't be indexed, will the valuelist be very very short :

But it surprises me that a school location only exists in a valuelist, is it a dynamic valuelist?? If so couldn't a multicriteria relation ship be used instead to establish a IsValid[


...which is almost, if not quite the same as you "Help" throws up!

To me is VL's here a convoluted way of establishing a membership of a found set of records.


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well, I know the valulist is coming from another file not table. And it is just a list not from a field... however, I am going to change that and make a new table in the same file that allows the user to add a school location as a new record. Then I will base the valuelist off that field from that table. Let me set that up first and see if it functions better that way.

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Hi Himitsu

Many apologies for failing to see this earlier but I console myself with the thought that I am not the only one who missed it. The PatternCount function has it's parameters the wrong way round. In your sample use:

Exit loop If[

PatternCount (ValueListItems (Get ( FileName ) ; "school location" );valueListValidate::location_G


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This topic is 5752 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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