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Does 8.0v2 fix PDF bloat?


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I would love to go back to the "print to PDF" way but when the printer gets set to Adobe PDF, my layout page size increases in length and width which throws off every page break thru the rest of the report (11 pgs.)

The "save as pdf" is giving me fits. My employees are confused as to why they have to leave their print setup showing that it will print to the HP but can still create the pdf. Makes sense to me but they are having trouble.

I guess it wouldn't be much of a problem if I could insert page breaks like you can in Word.

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I have the same problem but I think I found out why.

After printing to .pdf in OS X I looked at the 3 page .pdf that contained NO graphics and saw that it was 2.3 megs!

So I opened it up in Acrobat 7 Pro and tried to do an Optimize PDF command on it...tried and failed because it got hung up on the 'replacing duplicate fonts' process.

After force quitting and restarting Acrobat I opened it again and looked at the font situation. WOW!

In FMP I had only used helvetica and the only text style add I did was a bold; however, Acrobat said there were about 60 versions of helvetica in the .pdf. I manually deleted all but 1 each (regular and bold) and save again. That made the .pdf 232k.

So, if you have ACP7 it can be fixed. I have a guess that maybe everytime you have a different size or style of text, FMP is embedding a whole nother copy of the font so maybe convert every font to the same style and size to test.

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This topic is 5675 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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