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Can I host files on Citrix?


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I'm not familiar with Citrix, but my client wants to host the database off of a Citrix server and Windows NT.

My question - It appears taht through the use of Citrix, each client that connects will not have to have a copy of FileMaker Pro locally installed and go through the standard process of specifying the host.

I would also assume that global fields do not work the same way since they are not actually on the users machine.

Also - it appears that only the FileMaker Executible can be served and then each user musst go through the process of finding the aactual data files to open. We tried publishing the actual data files instead of the application and it didn't work.

Also - would a runtime solution be better off in this environment? Or - is it impossible to have multiple users accessing the runtime via Citrix?

Wow - now thats a lot of questions - thanks in advance for all the answers!

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First of all Citrix is an perfect for a WAN or for remote users / via wireless.

Once you get past the license issue (You need a bonfied license for each user. Recommend a Site License) You set up each "users" session. On each person's desktop environment put a single user Filemaker database "launcher" that will launch the file hosted on FileMaker Server.

Each users globals work just like a typical LAN. You still need a seperate machine for FileMaker Server!

Don't bother with runtimes. They won't do you any good, in this case.

In my limited Citrix experiences. I have noted that a 20 file solution will launch in more than half the time over Citrix than locally. WOW!

Also you can use ICA client on a Windows CE device and access FileMaker datbases. OR attach a Ricochet modem or some other wireless service and you can have live access to your datbase. TOO COOL!

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I just completed a job installing FMP on Citrix.....Each user still requires a license. Site licensing is useful in this case as it is extremely efficient to upgrade the masses and confirm user counts.

The terminal server should not host the files through runtime, FMP, or FileMaker Server. This job should be separate and distinct from the terminal server. I highly recommend the use of FileMaker Server (on its own machine) on the same LAN segment to host your DB files.

To have the Citrix clients directly open the FM Server served files (or a startup file) you'll need to create a non-served FMP file that IS always hosted by a generic computer. This file could be "visible" in a mapped drive/session and double clicked by the users to launce FMP and scripts could be written to launce the FM Server served files for your application. Server served files can only be accessed through the Hosts feature in FMP. This means that the users would have to open FMP in Citrix, then go to File>Open>Hosts (or any of the other short-cuts) to find the hosted files.

This is not recommended.

This could pose a potential security issue on the local terminal server. Users COULD have access to local drives on the server.....Your DB files really need to be locked down to prevent menu access and certain scipt steps that could "open" the terminal server to teh users.

Another thing that you need to take care of is the use of web browser calls from FMP, such as shipment tracking through FEDEX....If you use a field in your database to concatenate into a URL and then use the OpenURL script step, you will need to be careful to restrict the web access for the users connecting to the internet this particular way to prevent the inadvertant download of disabling code from a malicious sources.

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I've got a Citrix problem I need your help with...

I open/host the files with FMP4 on the server, happens to be the same one the Citrix is on.

Then the users/guests using Citrix, open FMP4 and choose "host", and open the choose the main file from the list of hosted files.

Sounds good so far.. but...

The guests end up getting a lot of time watching the squigely cursur line as it takes forever to move from screen to screen. Occasionally, it will zip along just fine, and the delays are itermittent. I even stripped all the colors and graphics off of it, but still no change.

This is the same database that worked great for years on a LAN, each guest with their own copy of FMP4 loaded locally and not through Citrix.

there;s one really strange thing that happens... When the user gets fed up with watching the squigley cursor for 10 minutes with seemingly no progress, they try control-atl-delete (Windows NT) to get to the task manager, but then if they cancel the force-quit and return to the application, it's magically there and moving fast again. Almost as if it's a screen refresh problem of some sort.

We've talked to Citrix people and the network people and everyone scratches their heads.

They think the only solution is to build the database in **Access** - This makes my stomache turn and I don't want to have to do this. Please help!

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Originally posted by BruceJ:

They think the only solution is to build the database in **Access** - This makes my stomache turn and I don't want to have to do this. Please help!

I am sure that this is some little goofy issue that deals with the way that Citrix and Filemaker are interracting. However there are about 100 other things that might be happening as well.

Going to Abcess will almost certainly makes things worse for your users, at the added benefit of lost functionality and grossly complex redevelopment of your solution.

I would start by running Filemaker Server on a seperate machine and simply using the Citrix clients as guests of the FM Server. This should almost certainly remove most if not all of these issues.

Of course you want to make sure that everybody is running the latest versions/revisions of Filemaker, Windows and the Citrix software to make sure that there is not simply some bug or incompatibility.

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This topic is 7596 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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