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Hosting on Win Terminal Services

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Here is my problem, hoping to explain with my poor English.

I act habitually in hosting on AIX environment: every company approaches its databases on our servers; every company has a certain number of users who approach the same database (i.e. the 20 users of the company A at the same time approach the files of the company A, 15 users of the B company approach the files of the B company, and so on).

On a single server I can accommodate several companies.

Now we have acquired a solution developed with FM 5.5 (approximately 120 files) for the integrated management of the Quality System; this usually works on networks with FM server.

We would want to offer to our customers the same service through Windows 2000 Terminal Services or Citrix MetaFrame.

We do not have problems with the runtime single user: every customer approaches its databases.

We do not know like making with the multi-user; the problem is this: the users of a company must use their own files, the users of another company must only approach the files of this company. I have experienced FM with Windows 2000 Terminal Services and it works great, but I don

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If I understand you correctly:

1) you have a FileMaker solution that consists of 120 files

2) several distinct companies will use this same solution of 120 files


Company A 120 files

Company B 120 files

Company C 120 files

So with 3 companies we have a total of 360 files.

According to FileMaker Server 5.5 documentation you can have 125 hosted files per server.

If I am correct, you will need multiple copies of Filemaker Server running on multiple servers.

As far as using Terminal Services, I recommend looking into the TSAC (Terminal Services Advanced Client) which allows terminal services access via a web browser and an IIS server. Of course, you will need to pay particular attention to patches and security configuration. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your comments Will, but it was not quite what I was looking for.

I know in order to use FileMaker Pro via Windows 2000 Terminal Services, we have to purchase a Volume License Agreement, so we have the right to install the software on as many computers are listed in the custom license certificate.

What I do not succeed in knowledge is if it is possible to use only one single CPU in order to accommodate all the files of the 3 companies, keeping them distinct.

It is unthinkable and too much expensive to use, for every company, a server for Windows 2000 Terminal Server and another one for FM server.

Is it possible to use FM unlimited for Terminal Services?

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