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***FREE*** Universal Capitalizer for FMP; a custom function

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Salt Lake City, UT--JANUARY 17, 2006--David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop -- publishers of AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro--Today announced the first release, version 1.0v1, of their free UNIVERSAL CAPITALIZER CUSTOM FUNCTION SET FOR FMP.

Following Codemasters Workshop's tradition of "we'll only do it if it's impossible", UNIVERSAL CAPITALIZER is a first-of-its-kind custom function set (3 interdependent custom functions) that finally solves the annoying problem of automatically capitalizing and correctly formatting name and address fields.

Just enter your text, ignore the "Shift" key, and Universal Capitalizer will do the work for you. It correctly formats names like McNally, O'hare, and vanderVeen, knows the difference between Dr. and D.R., and can distinguish the initials N.E. in a name from the direction NE in an address. Now your FMP databases can have the same sophisticated automatic capitalization features found in high-end contact managers. And everything Universal Capitalizer does can be overridden by your users, or altered by you.

Don't put up with the frustration of the "Title Case" or "Proper ()" functions mangling your user's input, or of being forced to use the shift key in every name and address field, ever again.

Best of all, the Universal Capitalizer demo is free to download and use in your solutions. Just copy the three custom functions into your solution. Call the "universalCapitalizer ()" custom function as an auto-enter custom function from your field(s) and your done.

UNIVERSAL CAPITALIZER FOR FMP is available for immediate download at: www.codemastersworkshop.com/downloads.html


David Kachel / Codemasters Workshop is the publisher of

AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro. He has more than 14 years

experience in designing and building custom solutions in FileMaker Pro.


© Copyright David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop. FileMaker Pro is a

trademark of FileMaker Inc. All rights reserved.

David Kachel

Codemasters Workshop

email: [email protected]

web site: http://www.codemastersworkshop.com

ICQ: 308137637

Tel: (801) 566-1340, (801) 661-2454

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