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slow response tied to file references?


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When setting up File References, which is the best syntax to use? We have a file, call it “navigator.fp7” which opens the other files in this solution. The File References to those other files read, for example: “file:names.fp7;fmnet:/*.*/names.fp7.”

Is the fmnet reference necessary? These files are to be hosted on either single user local machine, peer to peer, or FileMaker Server.

Here is our problem: when using the file reference syntax “file:names.fp7;fmnet:/*.*/names.fp7,” and using FileMaker Pro 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 as a peer to peer host, or when using FileMaker Server 8.x as the host, other FileMaker Pro 8.x Macintosh clients take 15-20 minutes to open the solution. FileMaker Pro 8.x clients for Windows open the files in 10-15 seconds.

FileMaker Pro 7.x for Macintosh does NOT have this problem.


It appears that removing the “fmnet” reference and using only the “file:” reference solves the problem.

So, when building file references for files that will be used 1) cross platform or 2) single user or 3) peer to peer or 4) server-client, what syntax should be used for File References?

My conversations with FileMaker’s tech support make me think we should not use either of the above.

according to FM:

“file:[filename.fp7]” causes the FM host to search the entire host machine.

“fmnet:/[iP]/filename.fp7” causes the host to search the network for the files, which as the host, is pointless.

I glean that the correct way to build these files is to hard code the directory path and tell our users to put the data there and nowhere else.

For example: filewin:/driveletter:/directoryName/filename

And: filemac:/volumeName/directoryName/filename

So, HOW do you plan for cross platform, or peer to peer, or server-client implementation if you have to have these multiple file references?

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For files hosted from the same directory as the current file, simply use the file:filename.fp7 syntax. Only use filemac and filewin if you have files residing on the client workstations that are referenced by a hosted file. Use fmnet if you need to refer to files that are hosted on a different machine than the current file.

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This topic is 5725 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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