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Inserting PO Number to Item List

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Dear All,

I come again with a problem in my mind.

I've create Purchasing Order Layout, it will display PO_Tabel and ItemDetil_Tabel. it runs well until yesterday I found that some of records in ItemDetil_Tabel doesn't have "PONumber". Is there any script step or something to automaticaly fill "PONumber" in ItemDetil_Tabel with "PONumber" from PO_Tabel.

PLease, I need this thing to be solved.

Thanks before.

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Can you explain the "sometimes" part. If it works properly at all it should work always. Your relationship should be set up n_Purchase_Order_Id to n_Purchase_Order_Detail a one to many relation with the boxs to create and delete records in the detail side of the relationship checked. In my DB's I make the key field an auto enter serial number that can't be modified.


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Thanks for your quick respons,

Let me explain it.

I have tables (WorkOrder_Tabel, ItemDetil_Tabel, PO_Tabel).

WorkOrder_Tabel holds Work Order Data (Work Order Number, WODate, WOCustomer, WOPO), ItemDetil_Tabel holds Work Order Items (ItemNum, Qty, Description, ItemPONumber), PO_Tabel holds PO data (PONumber, PODate, Customer, CustAddress).

First of all, I have to entry Work Order data wich will also entry ItemDetil data using portal. Then Other user have to entry PO data wich it will update ItemPONumber in ItemDetil_Tabel. The PO layout is the same layout with Work Order layout.

This is the confusing things, when I input PO Number, the field ItemPONumber in ItemDetil_Tabel not updated. I wonder is there any script or some ways to update the whole match records with new value. any help would be greatfull appreciated.

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This topic is 5718 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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