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Creating a trial version


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I developed an application for a client in the transportation industry. They like it and want to sell it. They've asked me to come up with a stand alone trial version. I know that Advanced 8 has the ability to make run time versions but have a couple of questions.

1. I work on a Mac. Will I be able to create both Mac OS and Win XP versions of the run time from my environment?

2. Can I put both a Mac and a Win verson on a distribution CD?

3. I'm creating a locked down crippled version of the system (limited to 25 transactions or something). Is there a way to transfer the data from the crippled edition to a normal FMP environment?

4. I'm planning to burn several hundred trial CD's with the trial software on it. It would be sweet if I had a way to "unlock" a CD when a customer buys the real deal, but need to have a unique code for each CD. Any thoughts?

Finally, am I on the right track with Advanced 8? Is this a realistic use of the product.



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1. You'll have to create the Windows runtime on a Windows box.

2. No problem there - you'll want to look into using an automated installer, though.

3. Not exactly sure what you mean by this, but you can export out, so I'd imagine so.

4. There have been a number of threads here over the years regarding this sort of thing. You've certainly got options.

Finally, yes, FMAdvanced is the tool to use.


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This topic is 5717 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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