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I'm having some problems getting information to display in portals. The way I have my system set up is this: there are six databases which contain different types of information, such as name/address, problems, and drugs (this is all for electronic medical records). They are all linked to a main database which only contains the reports and layouts. I'm trying to create a portal which will display certain information about various people. The problem is that there are multiple entries in the problem and drug databases for each person and all these entries need to be displayed.

Is it possible to do a portal within a portal or something like that.

There is another option. I could create a summary field of sorts which would display the repeated entries as: entry / entry / entry / entry. This way there would only be one entry to be displayed for each person. This sounds simpler and better but I'm not sure how to set that up though.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


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I am not sure how to do this with all the layouts in a separate database but .. Say you have a file containing unique information about a "person" and you have a second file related to it with the persons name and the various drugs they are taking. The relationship between the two files is the persons name. In the "person file" you should be able to create a layout with a portal to fields in the "person/drug" file. Conceptually when you are browsing a record in the "person file" all related records to that person in the "person/drug" file will be displayed in the portal. As far as I know the layout with the portal in it must exist in the "person file".

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This topic is 8809 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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