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Date entre, field length, and other


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I know these questions are a bit dumb, but my boss wants our system to do stuff that I don't think FMP can do.

Can you please tell me if these are possible:

1. Set a limit on the length of a field, ie a field is 7 characters long and will accept nothing over this (this I think is possible but have no idea how to do).

2. Set the data entry format for a date. That is, have it so that the date is entered YYYY.MM.DD, not the nonsensical way that is default now, ie. MM.DD.YYYY.

3. I have conditional value lists set up so that when a selection is made from one list the other list is limited to related values. These work great on their own. But at the same time I need them to act as a relationship. That is, I need the conditionality to remain but I need it so that when both selections have been made other information pops into related fields. I hope this makes sense. Oh, right now the databases are related on a calculated field which is selection1 + selection 2. Both feature work great individually, ie the way it's related and the cascading lists but I need them to work together.



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1. In the definition of the field you can validate the data that is entered. By making a strict validation based on the calculation Length(fieldname)<8 when the user moves out of the field the data will be validated. You can also put in a custom message explaining why the data validation failed.

2. The date entry format is tied in to the Date format that your computer is using. The default still stays in place and when opening the file you will be asked which format you wish to use, the FMP or system settings.

3. Sorry, I haven't explored this enough to help here. Although I have seen a few posts on conditional value lists.

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This topic is 8827 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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