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ges wilManipulate a container field..

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A newbiee question...

I need to set up a container with an image that will change depending of choice from a script/calculation...

The images are logotypes for flightcompanies and it should be used for printing out electronic tickets where I want to be able to choose the flightcoompany name from a list and depending on that choice I want a corresponding logotype to be inserted in a field on a ticket template layout. There will be a numerous amount of flight companies why it doesn't feel so good to make a separate ticket template for each and one of them since there then will be hundreds of templates.

Is there any easy way to do this?

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... so each flight company has different sets of logos?... anyway, assuming the template was the same other than the logo which would change... you could specify your logo field to be a calculation with result container... then you could either specify an extremely long winded case statement...i.e.

Case( Airline = "Miami" ; field holding miami logo ;

Airline = "LAX" ; field holding LAX logo ;

Airline = "Qantas" ; field holding Qantas logo ;


but the easier way to do it would be to set up a small table called "logostore" with the airline name and the logo for that airline

i.e. 2 fields

AirlineName (txt)

AirlineLogo (container)

anyway... then you could just put a global field in your original table called "currentairline" or something... relate this global field to your logo storing table by airlinename... then when you execute your script to go somewhere... set the field "currentairline" to your desired airline...

and instead of setting the calc field to be a case function... set it up to be result container with calc being just logostore::AirlineLogo


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I think that a big problem for us newbiees is that we tend to make simple soulutions a littlebit too complex for ourself. Your solution seems reasonable and a lot easier then what I tried to acomplish with scirpts, cut and paste etc. Thanks. I will try to solv this according to your suggestions.

...I have tried it and I got it to work :P)

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This topic is 5700 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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