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pop up menus and cdml


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Hello everone,


I have been searching the web for help and I found your web site where I discovered that you may be able to help me with the problem I am having with Filemaker.

My query is this:

If you are designing a custom web site that communicate with a database over the web using CDML tags, how would you display a pop up (drop down) menu to display value lists that are derived from a relationship ?

I know that in order to display a pop up menu to display value list you could use the following tag:

<select name="cs_Operation">

<OPTION VALUE="" SELECTED>- Select Operation -

[FMP-option: cs_Operation, list=Operation]


Where cs_Operation is the field name and Operation is the Value List name. Operation is also a relationship between two database files: K_Coachv1.fp5 and Teamv1.fp5.

cs_Operation is a field name in K_Coachv1.fp5

What I am trying to do is:

1- Display a pop up menu with all the operations available. I have used the tag above and it is working fine. Then the user adds this operation to the new record. Then

2- Display a pop menu with all the teams associated with the operation selected earlier. In order to this I used the following tag which does not seem to be working:

<select name="cs_Team">


[FMP-option: cs_Team, list=Team]


Where "cs_Team" is a field name in K_Coachv1.fp5 and "Team" is a Value List Name whose source is from Relationship "Operation".

Please help me as I have searched high and low for the answer.

Kind regards,


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This topic is 8556 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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