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CSV Export numbers


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A newbie here to the forum and to filemaker (so if this is in a faq somewhere please just point me in the right direction).

I'm trying to do a scripted export of data into a CSV file, which works fine with the exception of the formatting of a numeric field.

The help file for "export csv" says, "Quotation marks enclose all field values, except unformatted numbers."; but my output file has every field (even numeric ones) in quotes. Under File, Define, Database, the field tab has the variable listed as a number, I don't see a setting for unformatted.

Can anyone help with how to get my number fields to go out in the csv file without the quotes?



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Well, it seems the Help file is engaging in wishful thinking. I could not get it to drop the quotes either. When I've had to do this, I've used an XML Export, with an XSL stylesheet. It is much like a regular export. Choose FMPXMLRESULT as the Grammer (default). Then click the XSL stylesheet radio button, and go find your XSL file (below). You can script this so it's less tedious. The following will produce a comma-separated file, only text fields have quotes.

The "carriage return" is a line feed, Unicode. I stuck another xsl in there that does PC, with an added return before the line feed.


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This topic is 5738 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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