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Well I'm not complaining mind you ... okay, maybe I am. New in vs. 8, many things have been added - YAY to FileMaker! But why in heaven's name did they REMOVE the button CLEAR ALL? It's not like they ran short on space in the Script Maker window - there is room for 10 more buttons!

Why do I like Clear All? Because, instead of creating a new script which pops to the BOTTOM of all my scripts and then having to drag the silly thing upwards for an hour to place it in position, I find the location I want a new script and duplicate an existing one - any one. Then I Clear All and begin my new script.

Unless I'm half-blind (smile), I see no way to quickly remove all steps anymore (I have to select the first one and repeatedly hit CLEAR). Either FM was on whacky juice when they made that change - or I am and I don't know it.

//END RANT :crazy2: :wink2:

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Thank you both so much!!

When I have my script maker open, I can't access Menu to get Select All (it won't let me select anything outside of its window. I don't see anything in the box which has Select All. :crazy2:

Selecting the first then [shift] select last and [Delete] works. But just out of curiosity, what Select All are you talking about? (FMA 8.0v2) and no Select All within sight ...

This shift-select process might not be intuitive for everyone (I'm an example; I usually am) and I think FM should have left that button.

UPDATE: There is a Select All keyboard shortcut? Shame on me, yes there is!! But Edit > Select All shortcut [ctrl-A] highlights all the left pane script steps instead ...

Double-Update: Ahhh, you must select within the right pane first ... then it works!


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While I'm on it ... FileMaker (in Script Maker) gives you a nice looking checkbox which puts a CHECK instead of what WE get ... a dorky x. Well, I've found a way around that using Webdings but still ...

Okay, time for break ... I'm getting nit-picky now but it seems the same functionality would be easily available to pass on to us! :)^)


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Indeed. We often fantasize here how these posts are read by someone at FMI. This time (and not for the first time) I wish Steve Jobs would pay some attention to the daughter company, and send his Human Interface team there to straighten some things out.

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This topic is 5745 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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