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add new record with xml url


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No matter how much I modify and try, I still can't add a new record to my db using xml url syntax. I can find anything and everything, but every attempt to add a new record returns an error code "6" (File is read only). This happens even when I set up a full access account, with full privileges, and xml as an extended privilege. This url works perfectly:


This generates an error:


Any ideas as to some accounts, privileges, or privilege sets bugs that won't allow new records?

Thanks in advance!

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I found the answer, so here's an FYI for the community...

I neglected to mention that I'm testing this using FMSA on OSX server. No matter how you set up accounts and/or privileges, you will not be able to add records until you change settings on the file itself. Select the closed file, choose Get Info, select Ownership and Permissions and the sub heading of Details. Change the default group setting for "fmsadmin" from Read only to Read & Write.

Many thanks to Steven Blackwell's FileMaker Security: The Book. I found the answer in Supplement Two.

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This topic is 5742 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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