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FMP5.5 database to remote MySQL table


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Hi guys

I've been developing an intranet interface with FX.php for a client's filemaker system.

Work is going well, and the system is looking great.

This also greatly improves their external access to their database as no more remote desktop, whilst still having FileMaker Server for data storage.

I was wondering what options there are for exporting FileMaker 5.5/6 to a remote MySQL table??

I've tried exporting a CSV, then messing around with the data and adding SQL INSERT instructions to each line - and it works. Sort of.

Somehow managed to get about 2,000 extra records in my SQL table.

Also had to split my CSV into several parts.

There's a few things I can do, like setting up a unique delimiter field in the filemaker db, and converting all filemaker linebreaks to newline chars.

But it's time consuming.

Are there any tools to export to SQL directly from filemaker?

I have FileMaker 7 and 8 for personal use but have not used them extensively - are there any MySQL export options in there?

Are there any tips / advice you could give me?



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This topic is 5735 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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