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Where to execute the script


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Here is my challenge:

I am not sure if this question belongs here or under Windows Server or Scripting...

Does anyone know how to execute a FileMaker script on FM server 8? I have read elsewhere that it can't be done, but I need to find a solution...

I want to download data (from another non-FileMaker system using ODBC) on a daily basis. I have written the scripts and it all works fine, on a client (FM 8 advanced).

In FileMaker server 8, what actually happens when a file gets opened and "served"? If I specify a script to execute at file opening (in File Options), it looks like the server ignores that.

We had found a way to do that in FileMaker 5 server by specifying a parameter in the registry everytime FM Server started, it would open a startup file and execute an initial script.

Now this may not be the solution for FM8, I am totally open to consider other ways but I don't really what else to look at. It is not really an option to leave a client ON and logged ON to execute a script at night...

I am all ears to any ideas or other approaches out there. Anyone else has to execute scripts un-attended?




It appears that I would need some kind of plug-in. It surprises me that I need a third-party tool to execute a FileMaker script. The server comes with a scheduler, I can use ODBC directly with FileMaker script, it seems like it would not be a huge step for FileMaker to allow the execution of its own scripts using its own scheduler... Does this sound unreasonable?

Again, am I missing something obvious?

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This topic is 5735 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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