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Date selection??

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Hello fellow FM'ers,

I'm in the process of designing a database for a services firm and want to ask the following:

I can see a drop down calendar option as a field. You can only select one date at a time. This is wonderful for other operations but what happens if you want to select a group of days together? Say for example, a customer wants 23 lessons in the month of March, altogether that is 23 days. I wouldn't want to put 23 drop down calendars on my layout (1. It wouldn't be efficient 2. It would be a very pig ugly layout).

I can manually type in the date but it is not very efficient and there would be more of a chance of human error.

Does anyone know if there is another solution? thx in advance.

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Welcome to FM Forums, pa8!!

You could specify a date range. FromDate and ThruDate (ToDate inclusive). Attach your drop-downs to these fields then script a writing the date-series or script creating Lesson records.

I wonder if you might not want each lesson as a record particularly if they want to choose odd dates (and not distinct) ranges. Do you track the lessons? You could also use combination popups (month/year) and buttons with script parameters for each day. Script would combine them and write the date ... but where? You can capture the dates in a multiline but why put something together if you will eventually just want to take it apart again. Again records seems logical.

If you could provide more details, we could help you further. :wink2:


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Hi LaRetta and aaa,

Thx for the quick reply, (6 mins from LaRetta :)!). Anyway I found aaa solution very useful, if fact I didn't even think about it that way. I guess I still have a lot to learn.

Thx both

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This topic is 5734 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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