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FM Server configuration

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Can anyone suggest a suitable setting for the Database Cache in FM Server 7?

According to Filemaker in their "FM Server Best Practices" document, the Database Cache should (as a starting point) be set to 5% of the total size of databases hosted. As the databases hosted on my Server are approximately 65MB at the moment, I set the cache to 5MB. However, whatever I set the cache size to, I seem to be getting 100% cache hits all the time. I've tried it at 200MB, at 100MB at 50MB and all sorts of others, but none seem to change things.

Any advice?


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My rule: Under OS X, set it as large as possible, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

FileMaker made some changes (I think in 7v3) that prevent you from setting it too large in most circumstances. E.g. on a system with 1024mb, the maximum cache size is about 200mb, which leave 800+ mb for OSX and other processes, so you are in no danger of starving the OS for ram.

A 100% cache hit ratio is a good thing.

This point has been argued before, and I believe there is a belief that you want a 95% cache hit ratio, but I've never heard a cogent reason why this could be any better than a 100% cache hit ratio, all things being equal.

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This topic is 5728 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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