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Never used Filemaker-tell me why I should


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Let me start by saying I don't have a version of Filemaker yet, but it wants me to select one below this message...

Hi, I'm an Access 2000 developer. I'm actually relatively new to that (on a freelance/professional level), too. I've done a couple of databases for a couple of companies, but recently encountered one who wants a fully functional interface on the web for their clients to access and add data...

Someone told me I should try Filemaker, so I decided to check it out. With Access 2000 I would have to create Data Access Pages to make a web interface. I've never worked with them, and from what I've seen while playing with them, they're not as easy to set up as a regular form is. (they don't have the same formatting features either, I can't make them look as nice).

Anyway, I created the database for this company and told them they need to find someone else to put it on the web, but if I could do the whole package for them, that would be great.

How much of a learning curve would there be from Access to Filemaker? If they're not running Filemaker there, could they host this or would I have to invest $$ into equipment to host it myself? How hard would it be to create the pages for the clients to access and manipulate their own data?

I've only just started looking at this, so any info would be greatly appreciated. And if there are any former Access users out there, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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There is a [color:red]PDF called [color:red]fm_vs_access[4].pdf that can be downloaded Here that could help you see the difference.

See the [color:brown]File Attachment section.

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Before i use Access i knew FileMaker is so userfriendly and easy to use database application.

After i used access (in a course this semester, we have learned access basicly) i relized that FileMaker is so much easier than Access.

Access is designed by only programmers i think and no body thiks a regular office employe should use it. Every thing has lot of parametters in ugly windows look so comlicated, that makes me cpnfused!

But FileMaker is designed for realy regular persons. But this is not means professionals can not use it. However i am not an exper user but i thik FileMaker is enjoyable both for beginers and experts.

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This topic is 5722 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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