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Import of Images forces error


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I have adapted the FM7 Document Library template to store images (as references), however when I import using:

Show all records

Set error capture off

import records, update existing records

perform find to show imported records

constrain found set

the pictures imported replace existing records meaning i have to find the new pictures manually change the details and then re-enter the details for the misplaced records.

Apologies if this is not particularly clear however i am not entirley sure how this can be happening.

I have included a sample of the database to illustrate my problems.

I am wondering if it is something to do with only importing a reference to the file.

If anybody could help then you would make a very confused person happy. :D


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A few things. First, you have selected the "Update existing records" option. This means "import into the current found set, replacing current images", ie., new image file 1 goes into record 1, 2 into 2, etc., regardless of anything except the record position.

What you may want is "Update Matching records" instead. You have to choose a match field, which would likely be either File Name or File Path (the latter best in case of duplicate names). After choosing "Update Matching records" you click again on the match field, and the -> turns into =

Also, after an Import the found set is automatically the records imported (or matched in this case), including new records added (which you have checked). You don't need the Finds if that's all you're doing.

Also, minor point, your Find and your Constrain Find seem to the same.

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So obvious when i look at the options!!!

That will certainly save a lot of time and confusion when importing records in the future.

Along the same lines is it possible to get the file size of the file you are importing, have looked in the options but cant seem to find this one. even thought i may be able to use the get file size option pointed at the container, but no go. Is there an easy way to do this. It's just because i know that any files imported under a certain size will be scan errors so i will find these records and tell the user to delete the records and rescan images.

Many thanks,

It certainly makes a difference having a forum like this to bounce ideas around and hopefully i may be able to help someone in turn (might take a while though!!) :P

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This topic is 5967 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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