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Exclude records from Portal view based on calc result


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I've had difficulties in the past with this, so I'm not surprised I wound up back here to get a hint.

My organization sends students out to different sites to receive different types of training (TrainType).

Where The TrainType is = "Nutritional Counseling" (for example), I can match up Students:studentID = TrainingSession:studentID AND TrainingSession:TrainType = k_NutritionalCounseling (k_NutritionalCounseling is just a text calculation = "Nutritional Counseling"). This is working.

The problem I have is that I want to make a portal (table view) of TrainingSession that EXCLUDES students who have graduated (table_view_TS#NotGrad).

The example file should be more clear than I can write here. Please let me know if you have a suggestion.


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I may by unclear on what you're trying to do but the basic problem seems to be there is no relationship to follow from the Training Supervisor table to the Student table. The upper portal on the Training Supervisor Layout is mislabeled, it should be Training Session. The relationship for that portal is Training Supervisor::Training Supervisor.

The lower portal has no related field in the active table to point to the appropriate student records: To which supervisor is a student assigned?

Do you want the training session to be selected based on students' training types? If so, starting with the Students table, the Training Type field could point to the appropriate supervisor of Training Type and then from supervisor to location for Training Type. The pointing field could be conditional on passing the "graduate" status test.

Similarly, Which supervisors have sessions at what locations.

If you're aiming in the other direction (toward students), are graduates excluded from any type of training here? If so, the indexed field in the Student table could be conditional (as above):o if Grad Status = "Graduate"; empty; otherwise indexed value.

Please, say more about what you want to have happen.

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This topic is 5713 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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