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Changing name of value in value list


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I've been asked to continue working on someone else's medical database. I'm just wanting to tidy up a couple of appearance issues on the main layout. There is a field called Eye Disease which sources from a value list (using checkbox) of several eye diseases. One of the values is:

PDF(Prolif Diabetic Retinopathy)

I wanted to change it to:

PDF (Prolif Diabetic Retinopathy)

That is, simply insert a space bewteen the 'F' and the '(' to keep the same spacing with other bracketed values. (I know this is a picky thing, but just wanting consistency).

When I change the value name to this though, the checkboxes are no longer filled. The data hasn't been lost though, because if I change the field to an edit box, the old PDF(Prolif Diabetic Retinopathy) shows up.

Is it just not possible to alter a value name (even by one character) and expect the data to be automatically updated.

(P.S. I'm not needing to create look-ups, portals etc as this is a one off cosmetic fix).

Many thanks.

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Just changing an item in a value list will have no effect on the data. The checkbox isn't showing that it's checked because there is no value in the field that matches it anymore. I suggest you do a "Find & Replace" to update the data in your field to the same spelling as in your value list. After the data has been updated, it will show up once again as being checked.

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This topic is 5964 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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