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Cascading Record Creation Across Tables?


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I use the seperation model within a single file with anterface table. My first big foray into building something big in 7/8 and I have a situation like this.

Interface Table(I) to Account Table(A) to Client Table© to Client Info Table(CI) (this is highly simplified but suffice to say the normalization cascades far further past the Client Info Table)

So I setup my relationships as a such:

I::New to A::New, A::New to C::New, C::ID to CI:C sub ID (All these relationships have allow creation of related records turned.)

So I set I::New to "New" and then set field A::New to I::New (new record created because it's unique and pushed to destination match field) then set C::New to A::New then set CI::C sub ID to C::ID.

Note all script execution is performed from the TO of I.

I can create an Account Record and a Client Record, but the pesky Client Info record refuses to work and I get nothing. What is this behavior?


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I'm not getting your question, but I have a question of my own...why do you have a table in your Interface file and what's the purpose of it relating to other tables?

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The way I read it amgdba is using a single file db with a table in the file that will act as the top level TO in all the relationships.

Not a classic separation model at all with interface residing in a separate file and all the tables referenced from a data file.

From what I can tell, amgdba needs to script the creation of records in tables where the nature of the relationship with the top level TO doesn't give FM the necessary cue to create a new record in that table. In other words, there is probably no field from the related table on the layout of the top level TO in which data is entered, which would cause a new record in the related table to be spawned.

If there is a better way to automatically spawn related records without data entry into a field from the related table, I'd like to hear it. It will come in handy when I start working on the data entry layouts in my current project. I'm dreading the necessity of writing the scripts.

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This topic is 5700 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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