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Fields from 1 file into Value List in Other


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I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and looking for answers...



DB1: Countries.fp5

Fields: Continent


DB2: Contacts.fp5

Fields: First name

Last name


"DB1: Countries.fp5" has a value list for the field "Countries" that I've called "CountriesValueList".

I am adding countries to the "CountriesValueList" via defining the value list as the field "Countries". This works great.

In "DB2: Contacts.fp5" I want to be able to access the value list from "DB1: Countries.fp5"; this also I have figured out by simply using the "CountriesValueList" value list from "DB1: Countries.fp5".

(I bet you can guess where I'm going with this)

What I cannot seem to get it to do is update the "CountriesValueList" by entering a new country in the "Country" field in the "DB2: Contacts.fp5" database. I would like it to not only perform that task, but also retain that newly entered country even if I delete that record in the "DB2: Contacts.fp5" database.

As you can see, I want to use the value list in the second database file as well.

Please take me by the hand through this (step by step), I'm still trying to grasp what the difference is between things like portal, lookup, etc. are.

Thank you so much for your help all those who provide input into helping people like myself out. smile.gif" border="0

crazy.gif" border="0crazy.gif" border="0crazy.gif" border="0crazy.gif" border="0

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I forgot to mention: I'd like to have the new entries 'saved' into the value list in the 'Countries.fp5' database. So if I choose to delete the contacts database in the future I will still have all the values in the value list.

The entries in the value list should not require a record in either database. Just by entering it into one database in the 'country' field, and then hitting enter will save it to the value list, even if I were to delete the record at a later date.

Can this be done?

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AFAIK you cannot have a value list based on two fields in separate databases (whether they be related or not). If you need a new country in ther value list you need to add it to the country database.

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Vaughan, thank you for your reply. : )

I believe "If there's a will, there's a way." There must be some means by which a value list receives data from a field, and that field is updated from other fields, and other files. Would there be a script that would work, possibly? If so I wouldn't know how to implement it.

The goal is to have a value list updated from numerous databases; and that value list usuable in those same databases - preferably be able to enter new data into the same field as the value list just as you would when defining a value list's values to be the contents of a field.

How does one get values into a value list other than by manually entering them, or referencing the same field as the value list? Well, I suppose I could import the data into the field, and it would then be in the value list, but would those entries now be stored in the value list if I were to delete the records?

And, oh yeah, what is the difference between a pop-up list and a pop-up menu (other than appearance) anyway?

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This topic is 8331 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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