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PC Mover List FM 5.0


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Q? - Gotta be a way to make PC like Mover Lists?

I am developing a FileMaker 5.0 medical application for a client. They have requested the ability to ...

1. Push button next to an empty list box/textbox with scrollbars, database form/layout appears ...

2. Left side of database/form/layout are multiple selections from a value list (actually called/listed from records stored in third database).

3. Right side of layout is empty list.

4. Between both are the Move 1, Move All, Remove 1, Remove All - standard Mover List Buttons ...

5. Once selections have been made - select OK button on layout, all selections are then applied to the list from the form/layout/database that originally called the Mover List...

I am primarily a FoxPro developer - and I must have five different ways of building mover lists in VFP - just cannot seem to find an example / or help topics on mover lists.

even a search in this forum for mover lists produce zero results..

Are they called something else in FileMaker?

thanks in advance for any pointers...

John C. Gunvaldson

San Diego, CA

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This topic is 8301 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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