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First Meeting Report

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Our inagural Orange County FMPug meeting is in the history books!

First, I want to thank everyone who took time out of their work day to show up. I hope you enjoyed the meeting as much as I did. It was a small group, but we shared a lot of excellent ideas relating to our new FMPug chapter, and how we'd like to see it progress in future meetings.

The most significant change we came away with was to change our regular meeting day from the 4th Friday of every month, to the 2nd Friday of every month. This change will alleviate the conflict with FMDisc, the Los Angeles FileMaker users group. FMDisc has a well established meeting day of the 4th Friday of the month. So, any of you FMDisc regulars who'd like to join us, please come to our next meeting on Friday June 9, at 11:00am.

We will have a special guest speaker at our next meeting! John Mark Osborne of Database Pros will focus on how to build a calendar solution in FileMaker 8. Don't miss this one!

I also want to thank the staff of the Susan G. Komen Foundation Orange County for giving us a very nice meeting room to hold our first meeting.

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Most calendars out there use page long calculations and tons of relationships. I'm going to build a calendar solution with a monthly, weekly and daily view using only a few relationships. I'm also going to do it from scratch so you can see each and every step. I'll have copies of my calendar article there as well so you have reference material. I'll also be giving away a copy of my Calendar, Invoicing and FileMaker Reference solutions to attendees.

I hope to see you there!

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God I wish i lived in the OC :)

John, would this happen to be the same calendar solution you just updated? I bought it ages ago, but never got around to deconstructing it properly.

Ah well. Goodluck guys,


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