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List of records depending one dropdown global var


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I have one layout with list view, and all the records shown depends on one dropdown list (Go to related record). The var from dropdown list is one global field, and I created one relationship between this global field and other field in the same file.

The dropdown appears at the top of the list, and it is in Header part because if not, I don't know how to classify the list depending on this dropdown.

The problem is that I can't select any var if it is in Header part, so I made one script which changes from one layout to another one, and the dropdown is on Body part, then select the dropdown value and go back to the list view.... this makes the selection of the dropdown list slow, and the screen flickers a lot....


Fields: Name, Address, Phone, User Type. User Type Chooser (Global)

Relationship: User Types (User Type Chooser - User Type)

User Type Chooser (var global, dropdown)


Header Part----

Name Address Phone

Body Part------

Clicking on the User Type Chooser will go to another Layout but with this structure:

Header Part----

User Type Chooser (var global, dropdown)


Body Part------

And once the User Type Chooser is selected, then the user must click on one button to show the list again in the previous layout (Go to related records, using the relationship between user type chooser and user type).

Slow procedure for simply changing one var, screen flickering because of the change of layouts, too much clicks for only one simply change...

Any idea?

Thank you very much for read this big big big question


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This topic is 8249 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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