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I am trying to filter a portal and having problems. I have tables of contacts, donations and donation detail. In the donation detail table the line items can be broken down to an ID field that is used to related to many other tables.

Some of my contacts are builders who are, of course, building houses. Each house has a unique ID. This is the same ID used in the donation detail ID field. I need to link these ID's thru a portal.

I have the inital files linked by contact ID so the builders are related to any donations by them. I created a second table occurance linking just the House ID to the donation detail ID. The problem is the table will list all donations received by this builder whether they have the house ID in the detail or not. Also other subcontractors could send their donations in separately for this house. How do I limit the portal to just looking for this house ID in any detail line and retrieving that information. I just want to filter this ID field to connect to tables the ID refers to thru a portal in that particular table.

Any ideas of how I could do this?

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This topic is 5696 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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