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Script in 6.6 fails in FMP 8

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Can some one tell me what additional script steps are necessary to make this FMP6.6 script work when the files are converted to fmp8? My operating systems is Windows XP.

I have two files. File A and File B. In File A I have a portal that allows me to view and create File B records. The script steps are:

In File A.

Copy [select, “student ID”]

Perform Script [subscripts, external, “File B”]

This step performs the following script in File B

New Record/Request

Paste [select, “Student ID”]

Open [File A]

The final step in this script returns me to File A where I see a new blank record in the portal.

When these files are converted to FMP 8 the same scripts will create a new record in File B and return me to File A, but the record will not display in the portal. The only way for me to get it to display in the portal is to go to File B, where I can view the new record and then return to File A. I checked the portal to make sure the relationship still existed and it did.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Bob Sherman

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Seems to me you could just enter data in the portal directly--without the script at all (if you've got the relationship set to allow creation of records). Were you just to start adding info in the portal on a blank line, FM should automatically add the active Parent ID (in this case StudentID) to the child record.

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This topic is 5694 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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