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Auto-enter serial number problem

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I am running a database that generates a new, unique serial number each time a new record (invoice) is created. The value comes from FM's auto-enter serial number feature, and is incremented +1 with each new record.

Recently (within the past week) the program has failed twice as a result of the serial number next value defaulting back to 1; this causes a duplicate to be entered (serial #1 already exists) and the record is unable to be created (due to validation).

Any suggestions on why the next value gets lost? Is there an upper limit? I'm running at about 10,000 records. NOTE: this problem never occurred during the first 10,000 or so records being created, and now all of a sudden happens twice?!

Thanks in advance for feedback!

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There is no limit for the auto-enter serial number feature except for the increment by option which has to be a number from 1 to 32,767. It sounds like the Replace Field Contents feature might have been invoked. Do you have your auto-enter serial number set to not allow modification? You'll find this at the bottom of the Auto-Enter dialog where you designate the serial number features. This would prevent this from accidentally happening but you should also employ Accounts & Privileges to prevent users from making changes. This will also prevent access to Define Database so they can't reset the serial number. While it is possible there is something wrong with the database, it is more likely there is a user or developer error. Look into this first.

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Thanks for the response... no, I actually didn't check that box; not sure why. Seems like an obvious one there. Hope the fix is that easy. I'll keep monitoring it to see if we have that problem again.

Always figured it was a user/developer error. Always is! Was just wracking by brain to figure out where I might have gone wrong.

Thanks again for the input.


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This topic is 5692 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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