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Colored Fields

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My database has 30 small fields (not a value list) that can be difficult to detect if they are filled in. I want the field to stand out if there is information in it.

Is there a way for a field to change to a color if information is entered in it? Or, perhaps a heavy colored border could be used.

This surely would be helpful in reading the info.

Thanks in advance.


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Start by creating a global container field (xGlobal) and place a swatch of color in it. The swatch can be created in layout mode with the rectangle tool but it doesn't have to be big. Just 1 pixel by one pixel will do the job. Then, create the following calculation for each of your 30 fields:

Case(not IsEmpty(Field1); xGlobal)

Each time you write the formula, change the reference of Field1 to Field2, etc.

When you place the calculation fields on the layout, use the Graphic menu item under the Format menu to set the calculation field result to Enlarge and uncheck the "maintain original proportions" check box. This will make the small swatch enlarge to the size of the calculation field.

Finally, place the calculation fields behind each of the data entry fields using the Send Back and Send Backward features from the Arrange menu. If you make the data entry fields transparent, the color will show through. If you keep the data entry fields opaque and make them a little larger than the data entry fields, they will show a solid border.

It might also be a good idea to set the calculation fields to not allow entry via the Field Format menu item so people can't click into them.

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This topic is 5690 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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