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I have been adding a delete script for some images that my users in the shp will be adding & deleting. But I don't just want any Tom, Dick, & Harry deleting the images. I have just thought about giving a few supervisors the responsiblity of deleting any content from the containers. And I will probably do this, but I would like to track who deleted what, with a timestamp, etc. And if at all possible actually store the object that got deleted for a period of time if possible. Are there any examples of this kind of a log out there?



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Sorry about the long response time. My cookies aren't working right and didn't display a new post icon for this message board. Sorry.

I would use Accounts and Privileges to prevent access to the Container fields. You can set fields as modifiable, view only and no access when you create a Privilege Set. You'll find these options in the Custom Privileges item under the Records popup menu. In the following dialog, choose a table and look in the lower right corner for Fields. Under this popup menu, you'll see an option for Limited which allow you to set access to each field individually.

Once you have set up the Privilege Sets and connected them to the Accounts, you'll want to create scripts that look at the access level. Rather than looking at the privilege set name or the extended privileges, use Get(LastError). This will make the script much more dynamic so the script will adapt as soon as a new privilege set is added or modified.

I have attached an example file demonstrating a script that inserts a picture for some accounts and not others. The passwords are on the opening layout but they are as follows:

Full Access

Account: Admin


View only

Account: [Guest]



Account: Guest2

Password: abc

When I say , I mean don’t enter any password.

When you logon with the [Guest] account, you will not be able to add an image. When you logon as Guest2 or Admin, you will be able to add a picture.


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This topic is 5679 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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